Singing can be a passion to some, a hobby, a leisure activity and also a way to relieve stress. For most of us, singing is confined to be visiting Karaoke outlet where it might not be suitable for the minor due to its unhealthy environment. The minor and also the non-smoking and non-alcoholic group should not be deprived a chance to do so merely because of its nature of business practice

Therefore, MyBox offers an appropriate place for whole family regardless of age to enjoy, to relax as well as a social gathering place where no alcohol will be served and its smoke-free. Its also a place to unearthed new singing talents without compromising on the comfort and well being of any individuals.

Our Vision

To be the most prominent operator of healthy, fun-filled, affordable and halal family entertainment (karaoke) concept in Malaysia through quality management system.

Our Mission

To ensure our existence is felt throughout the country without compromising on our principle of “Family Value” entertainment concept.


  • A healthy & halal entertainment.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Educational and Interactive.
  • Unearthed new talent.


  • Nice refreshing interior.
  • Clean and comfortable.


  • Reasonable and affordable charges.
  • Value for money.