The History began with K Box City Enterprise. MY BOX SDN BHD was previously known as K Box City Enterprise. K Box City Enterprise is solely owned by Mr Tan Woo Seng and was established on the 2nd of September 2004 with a humble beginning of only one outlet at Wetex Parade, Muar and has slowly expanded his business to Melaka at Melaka Sentral, followed by Johor Bahru (Today’s Market and IOI Mall). My Box Sdn. Bhd. was then registered on the 25th of July 2006 with two Directors, Mr Tan Woo Seng and Ms Loong Li Moi. Since then, it took over K Box City Enterprise’s outlets and started adding more outlets at the Southern Region of Malaysia.

Nowadays, after nearly 10 years of continuous hardship and efforts, My Box Sdn.Bhd. has reached the number of 18 outlets in the state of Melaka, Johor and Pahang. Most of the outlets are equipped with Latest Technology Karaoke System which consist of very User Friendly 19 inches Touch Screen, Quality Amplifier & Speakers and of course Latest & Hit songs were also being provided from time to time, so as to assured that our customers having the highest satisfaction with our services. It is our Mission to put everybody having the feeling of Good Mood to sing like a Super Star as they step in any My Box outlet.

And after accumulation of years of experience, we considered ourselves A Professional in Karaoke Industry. We have the idea of bringing the karaoke singing hobby to everyone even to the extent of to those who do not have time to visit our outlet. To achieve this goal, we have opened a Karaoke Showroom on the 30th of September 2010 which was purposely setup to supply a Home Based Karaoke System with variety of packages to suit our customers. The response of Home Based Karaoke System is surprisingly outstanding.

Many local people were actually trying to look for Home Based Karaoke System for quite some times. As such, we assured that we provide Best Quality Home Based Karaoke System with reasonable prices and to develop the business until today. We even came out with the slogan “Now Everyone Can Sing, Even At Home As Well”

Ever since then, our confidence developed tremendously. We became Karaoke Machine supplier to all range of customers, from Home user to Pub & Bistro and even Restaurant.There is one thing that we want to emphasize. What make us different from other Karaoke Machine Supplier? Well, the answer is simple. We not just supply Karaoke Machine in physical form but also its souls which are the songs that make the Karaoke Machine alive. Every month we will have New Songs that came from many resources so as to meet our customers’ requirements. Customers will have all the supports we have to make them feel their money spent worthily.

Karaoke is a healthy hobby and a way to express one’s feeling. We are in the mode of welcoming those who have the same idea with us that wish to run the Karaoke Business neither in a Co-operation nor Joint Venture way or even Franchising. What else we would like to say? We say “Welcome”.