Our karaoke system is consists of few product which is made by our own software team.The system is build based computerized technology and audio-video equipments which satisfy our customer need.All our songs in music database consist of Malay, Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokien, Japananse, Korean songs and so on which has more than 70,000 selection songs.

Home Karaoke System Products: more than 70,000 songs

Starnet System Products: with scoring function

KTV System Products:
• Bintang Gemilang Key Pad System (Box Type or Room Type)

• Touch Screen My Box System


    Our aim in karaoke business is to provide one stop center for karaoke system and equipments.

    • For Home karaoke customer, they can come to our show room to have free added song service (minimum for half a year).
    • For KTV client, we do provide add song service and maintenance contract.
    • For KTV outlet, we have OUR ADDED-VALUES FEATURES


    • Superb PA and AV Systems
    • Comfortable and Air-Conditioned
    • Clean and hygienic
    • Healthy and Halal – Non Alcoholic and Non Smoking
    • Affordable charges
    • Educational touch
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Convenient – with Advanced Payment System